SenseAir EXPLORA is a LoRaWAN certified, advanced and versatile 3-in-1 sensor, designed for installation in the air-conditioned zone. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature and relative humidity in the ambient air accurately without need for additional compensation. The data is encrypted and securely transmitted via LoRaWAN to a cloud service.

LoRa stands for Long Range, Low Power. This Internet of Things (IoT) connection has been specially developed to exchange small amounts of data between objects and systems. A single LoRa module can send more than 10 years’ worth of data using just two batteries. This provides an economical way to gain insights into the status of your ‘things’.

tSENSE display LoRa netwerk

SenseAir EXPLORA combines all the necessary elements for effective climate control in commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools and other facilities. Using CO2-monitoring for demand control ventilation (DCV) allows healthy, comfortable and cost-effective environments for the occupants. Simple and easy to install without any wires, makes the SenseAir EXPLORA ideal for retrofitting in existing buildings. 

  • Battery powered
  • Three sensors in one housing: CO2, temperature and relative humidity 
  • LORAWAN certified, IOT connected using the leading radio interface on the market 
  • Industry leading security solution with cryptographic co-processor 
  • Remote indoor air quality monitoring through web portal, app or integration with HVAC control system 
  • No calibration needed as Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) is used
  • Dimensions: 111 x 77 x 26 mm

Explore the SenseAir EXPLORA: Datasheet and Manual.

Check SenseAir website for most relevant and up-to-date information on the EXPLORA sensor.


SenseAir EXPLORA: €200,- excl. btw (when ordering via the webshop you get 5% discount)

From 10 pieces you become discount (amounts excl. 21% VAT):

Number: Discount: EXPLORA:
10 - 20 stuks 10% €180,00
20- 40 stuks 15% €170,00
≥ 40 stuks 20% €160,00